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Second Orbital Success (6/19/2014)

Our CSR-SDR-U/U achieved orbit for the second low earth orbit mission on the Aprize Sat-10 vehicle.

Vulcan integrates CSR-SDR with an Android Handset

Vulcan successfully integrated the CSR-SDR CubeSat radio data link, controlled by the Nexus One Android phone. The user is able to send control messages from the ground to the space vehicle via Android application. The CSR-SDR provides a robust satellite data link, and the Nexus One Android hosts the user application and user interface which control the space vehicle.

CSR-SDR-S/S Is Delivered for Space Vehicle Integration

The successful demonstration of this payload on the sounding rocket flight enabled us to prepare a fully integrated CubeSat payload. This payload was prepared and delivered to the US Air Force Research Laboratory for integration onto an international space vehicle. Expected launch in late 2012.

CSR-SDR-S/S Launched Into Space

On May 4, 2010, the CSR-SDR, CubeSatellite Radio-Software Defined Radio, successfully flew into space from Space Port American on an Up Aerospace Spaceloft XL. This payload was developed for the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

The CSR-SDR is configured to provide two data links in real time. The first data link demonstrates in-flight communications with the NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS). The TDRSS is a constellation of nine geosynchronous satellites that utilizes a direct sequence spread spectrum communications technique and is used for on-orbit communications with LEO space vehicles. The second data link provides S-Band telemetry to ground for in-flight payload telemetry data. The CSR-SDR is the first payload system to transmit real time telemetry from the Spaceloft XL hypersonic flight vehicle. Vulcan Wireless Inc. thanks AFRL, NASA/GSFC, SMC/SDTW, ORS, ITT, and Up Aerospace for their support and cooperation which made this flight a success.

MBT delivered for PnPSat

The Vulcan Wireless Micro BlackBox Transponder was delivered to the US Air Force Research Laboratory PnPSat in March of 2008 and integrated into the PnPSat space vehicle bus. MBT served as the space vehicle's primary tactical UHF communications link. It successfully demonstrated operation in a simulated space environment for a one week mission.

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